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Whether you are trying to find a mixed martial arts gym or looking for materials to improve your MMA training and technique, MMAconnection.com aims to help you find what you are looking for and become the premier mixed martial arts resource available.

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If you are looking for somewhere to train in mixed martial arts or an individual style such as Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, check out our MMA gym directory via the Find a MMA Gym page. Please note that training is available not only to people intending to fight professionally, but also to people of all levels of ability who would just like to get in shape.

Port City MMA gym Featured gym: Port City MMA, Alabama Paragon BJJ MMA gym Featured gym: Paragon BJJ, Texas Lightning MMA gymFeatured gym: Lightning MMA, California


A look at a selection of the wide range of MMA DVDs available, both instructional for learning and improving your techniques and mixed martial arts events like the UFC, Pride FC and King of the Cage etc, in our MMA DVDs section.

Featured DVD: Guard for MMA Featured DVD: The Pit Workout Featured DVD: Striking Combos for MMA

MMA Books

Check out our MMA books section, which looks at some of the many books on mixed martial arts, and the individual disciplines that make it up. Books on MMA training, as well as biographies on mixed martial arts fighters and other MMA related subjects.

As we develop MMAconnection.com, let us know if there is anything related to mixed martial arts training or MMA gyms you would like to see added to the site – your feedback is welcomed.