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You can gain new members by listing your MMA gym or training facility on MMA Connection. Simply fill out the form below and click “submit your gym”.

Single discipline schools such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, boxing etc are also welcome.

Free Listings
You are welcome to add your gym to MMA Connection completely free of charge. However, you cannot have a photo on your profile with a free listing.

Featured Listings
Featured Listings get priority positioning, enable you to add a photograph to your profile, and cost less than a dollar a week.
Please contact us to find out what position is available for your gym, and for further information.

Important – please read before submitting your profile

When filling the “about (info on your gym)” box please take two minutes to write some original information on your gym.
If a gym copies & pastes text from another site, other gyms with original material will be given priority even if they join at a later date.
We check every submission for originality. Thank you for understanding.

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