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Featured MMA Gym: Spectrum Fitness

Gladiators Academy MMA gym
Gladiator’s Academy
Spectrum Fitness,
3103 Monterrey Blvd.
Baton Rouge,
LA 70814
Tel: 225-926-7222
Website: http://www.gladiatorsacademy.com

Gladiator’s Academy operates out of Spectrum Fitness in Baton Rouge, and is a full service mixed martial arts training facility offering classes in range of fighting arts including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Russian Sombo, Muay Thai, MMA and boxing. Our trainers are all highly skilled athletes who will help you get what you want from your training be it physical fitness, self defense skills, self discipline & self confidence or the ability to compete in competition. No experience necessary – call Gladiator’s Academy or drop by today.

Other MMA training facilities in Louisiana:

Daley’s Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Studio
1736 Common Street,
Lake Charles,
LA 70601
Tel: 337-215-1677
Website: http://daleyswarriors.com
Phil Daley takes boxing and mixed martial arts training to a new level. With over 200 career fights to his credit, he has also helped develop 13 world class pro contenders. Please get in touch for more info on training with us.

Gladiators Academy
5505 Cameron Street,
(at Anytime Fitness)
LA 70583
Tel: 337-504-2730
Email: info@gladiatorsla.com
Website: http://www.gladiatorsla.com
Tim Credeur is our Head Instructor, with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Rodrigo Medeiros and Carlson Gracie, he also has ten years experience in boxing and Muay Thai and is a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Separate classes available for women, children and beginners.