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Featured MMA Gym: SCR Fight Club

SCR Fight Club MMA
SCR Fight Club
10204 Watson Rd.
Sunset Hills,
MO 63127
Tel: 314-484-1408
Email: sankranta@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.scrboxing.com/

Muay Thai, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts training are all available from quality trainers at SCR Fight Club. Our facility is top notch, our rates are very reasonable and there is no payment contract to sign. Drop by weekday evenings or daytime at the weekend to check out our gym and talk to our staff about what we can do for you. Call first to confirm opening times. Whether you are a beginner or a pro we will do our best to help you improve.

Other MMA training facilities in Missouri:

Vaghi Martial Arts
2275 Cassens Drive,
Suite 109,
MO 63026
Tel: 314-814-2727
Email: vaghimartialarts@charter.net
Website: http://www.submissionjiujitsu.com
At Team Vaghi Martial Arts we offer realistic and effective training in martial arts with classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai and submission wrestling. Whether your ultimate goal is to compete or just to get fit, come and train with us at Team Vaghi.

Finney’s Championship MMA, Kickboxing and Boxing
626 Crestwood Plaza Street,
St. Louis,
MO 63126
Tel: 314-961-1177
Website: http://finneyskickboxing.com
With more than 27,000 square feet of training space which includes a cardio conditioning area, weights, more than 3000 square feet of mats, a mixed martial arts cage and a boxing ring, Finney’s MMA offer you the best training in the area.

St. Louis Combat Institute
5017 Northrup Ave.
St. Louis,
MO 63110
Tel: 314-289-9906
Email: info@stlcombatinstitute.com
Website: www.stlcombatinstitute.com
Owned and operated by members of the St. Louis Metro Police Department, the St. Louis Combat Institute is an “old school” martial arts training facility. Our training is based on the systems created by MMA legends John Hackleman and Pat Miletich. The Head Instructor is one of the most highly sought after and ranked self defense instructors in the United States with over 25 years of military and law enforcement experience. Come by and see what makes us different from the usual “strip mall” martial arts schools.

The PIT: St. Louis MMA
5017 Northrup Ave.
St. Louis,
MO 63110
Tel: 314-289-9906
Email: info@stlcombatinstitute.com
Website: www.thepit-stl.com
Old School MMA training from the gym made famous by UFC Legend Chuck Liddell. Come and train for a fight or train like a fighter!