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Featured MMA Gym: Fight Club Pittsburgh MMA

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Fight Club Pittsburgh MMA
4573 Campbells Run Rd,
PA 15205
Tel: 412-787-1162

Fight Club Pittsburgh has a world class MMA facility with world class instructors. Our cage and mat equipment designs are custom and completely unique. Fight Club Pittsburgh provides real mixed martial arts (MMA) training in a non-competitive belt program in a truly world class facility.

The unique MMA Curriculum Program encompasses the best techniques from a variety of different Martial Arts. It is perfectly designed for beginner students (white belt) through expert students (black belt). Like all of the top MMA training facilities worldwide, Fight Club Pittsburgh has experts teaching specialty classes in each of the (4) different specialties of MMA – Boxing, Thai Boxing, Jui Jitsu, Wrestling. Our specialty Instructors are all world class in their prospective disciplines and their classes are designed to augment and compliment our MMA curriculum.

All of these classes are included in our normal membership and students are encouraged to take as many classes as their time allows for one reasonable and competitive price. We believe that our facility and instructors offer a fantastic opportunity for any student. Come check us out!

Other MMA training facilities in Pennsylvania:

No Tap Martial Arts and Fitness
583 South Avenue,
PA 16701
Tel: 814-362-1000
At No Tap Martial Arts and Fitness we offer training in mixed martial arts, Jiu-Jitsu, grappling, striking plus we have classes in cardio, conditioning and self defense for women. For more details call or email!

Nak Muay Gym
209 Shewell Avenue,
PA 18901
Tel: 215-622-6725
At Nak Muay Gym, we specialize in training beginners – call us or drop in and we will set up an introductory lesson for you. We have classes in Muay Thai, mixed martial arts and kickboxing, train with us and let us help you attain your goals.