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Fedor mma training book
In this book, MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko shares his world beating techniques with step by step instruction and over two thousand photographs.

Covering everything from stand up striking to takedowns and submissions, if any resource could be considered essential for someone learning mixed martial arts this book is surely it.
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Anderson Silva mma striking book
UFC and Pride FC champion Anderson Silva’s book “The Mixed Martial Arts Instruction Manual: Striking” delivers exactly what you would expect: expert instruction on MMA striking from one of the most highly regarded fighters in the sport.

With everything from the basics to complex combinations covered and one and a half thousand photographs to clearly detail each technique, this book will help take your striking to the next level.
The MMA Instruction Manual: Striking at


1001 Submissions
1001 Submissions: with over 850 pages and more than 6000 – yes, 6000 – pictures, this has to be the definitive book on submissions. Covering standing and ground submissions, takedowns and takedown defence, fighting with and without a gi plus much, much more, this is a amazing resource for improving your MMA ground game.
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Big Books of Combat
The famous “Big Books of Combat” from Muay Thai, pancrase and MMA champion Bas Rutten. With more than 1000 pages and 5000 images, this covers not only traditional techniques and training drills, but also draws on Rutten’s experience working the doors and what actually works on the street. These extremely comprehensive books come highly recommended.
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